About Steve

Fidget The Heron came to Steve while he was walking with his wife, Ann, by the ponds in Wanstead where they had come to visit a new addition to the family. The arrival of Theodore, their grandson, stirred his creativity once again.

Steve came originally from Caterham in Surrey but has spent most of his adult life in North Wales. And for most of that time, he taught in primary schools.

Nowadays, he runs www.spacerocketroadshow.co.uk which is a set of 14 different science workshops and shows which he delivers to schools all over the country.

He also works for the University of Keele as an Earth Science facilitator- training aspiring teachers in Chester, Liverpool and Bangor- the last of these through the medium of Welsh.        www.earthscienceeducation.com

Then there are all his other poems, some of which you will find on his blog www.viceverses.org Some of these have appeared in the Daily Mail but please don't rush to judgement because of that.

He is also an active Rotarian and you can find out more at www.flintandholywellrotary.co.uk or on facebook.

Steve SRRS